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Team Information



We typically host teams of 12 including the team leader. (We can handle more people if needed, please just check with us.)

Typical length of a trip 7-10 days

Example: Saturday fly to Guatemala, have orientation and prepare for the week, Sunday go to church, climb a volcano or rest, Monday-Thursday work/ministry and Friday have a free day to shop or go sight seeing, supper out at a local restaurant, pack and fly home on Saturday.


Includes many things but depends on the abilities of your team

  • Children’s Bible Education: Prepare a three to five day afternoon Vacation Bible School program for the children at House of Hope. This can include Bible lessons, songs, skits, art project, games or other activities.
  • Work Projects – Cooking for the children, cleaning, painting, sanding, office work/administrative work.
  • Construction – Help build a home for a family.
  • Dental Ministry – Work in a modern clinic or take a complete portable dental clinic to a rural village to minister.
  • ONIL stoves – Purchase and install an Onil stove for a family for $130 and provide them with a smoke free & a fire efficient stove for their home.


The cost per person per day is $50 dollars this includes all ground transportation, room & board, translators and an evening in a nice restaurant.

Flights usually cost around $450-$800 depending on season and group rates.

We do ask teams to raise a project money for supplies, such as paint & building materials or any materials related to the ministry they plan. A goal for the team to raise is around $1000 but again this is NOT mandatory. If you can’t raise these funds we still want you to come.


Shot requirements are childhood vaccinations and a current tetanus.  Medical personnel are recommended to have Hepatitis A & B.   In the area where we live malaria is not a risk so taking malaria medication is left to the discretion of the individual.  Please see your personal physician for a prescription for medication for travelers diarrhea.


Download the team application from the teams application page. Once completed email it back to us at mikeandkambria@yahoo.com

Each individual is required to prepare a devotional in advance of the trip.

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