Sponsor A Child



Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a child from House of Hope.  We are excited to see God providing through you so your child can learn about God and have healthy meals.

There is a great need and we have seen a great desire for child sponsorship.  The focus of this sponsorship program is three fold.  First, is to meet the spiritual needs of the child through Biblical education.  Second, to meet their physical needs through nutritious food & clothing and lastly to meet their intellectual needs through education.  Sponsorship generally is $25 or $50 per month 7% of that is taken out for administrative fees by Commission to Every Nation.

The money is used for several things; first it is used to purchase meat and needed food items to provide them with a nutritious diet.  Second, it is used to purchase Bible education materials and thirdly it is used to purchase school uniforms, socks, shoes & undergarments with out this they cannot go to school.


For your participation you will receive a personal thank you, a photo of your child and a semi annual report on their progress, needs and prayer requests.  The children have a responsibility at House of Hope of maintaining their grades, assisting with lunch preparation and helping to clean up afterwards.

Commission to Every Nation only handles the financial aspect of sponsorship; they will send you, your tax donation receipt. Kambria will be the one communicating directly with you, concerning your sponsor child and their needs.  Thank you for being a channel of blessing to this child.

If you are ready to begin sponsoring a child or family in need please click on the link below and you will be taken to our contact form. Once there please fill out the form and indicate that you would like to begin sponsoring a child. Once submitted you will receive an email from Kambria giving you information on a child and how to submit funds.

Click Here to Begin The Sponsorship Process